MI Group Magic

MI Group Magic: A two-day workshop for MI-trained practitioners directed at integrating MI practice into group therapy. Participants will have a chance to experience working with MI in a group, using exercises to understand how MI can be used in a therapeutic group setting. These exercises will address common group therapy issues like how to: build cohesion, work with different types of group participants, monitor and respond to the needs of the group, the individuals and the interactions between the group members.


Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the basic concepts in creating a cohesive group;
  2. Adapt MI Spirit, principles and tools to the group context;
  3. Apply the MI tools in a group context.

Prerequisite: a 2-day basic MI workshop.

Individually tailored workshops designed to suit your centre’s specific needs are also available. Ask me to design a training proposal or implementation plan for your agency.