The Basics of Motivational Interviewing

The Basics of Motivational Interviewing: Psychotherapists, whether in private or public practice, often meet clients who are facing a need to change some behaviour that they, the client, finds difficult to initiate. In this two-day workshop, the Spirit, processes and tools of MI, a communication approach that is both efficient and client-centred, are presented in an experiential and interactive learning style. Participants will explore creative ways to integrate MI in their actual practice. They will have the opportunity to discuss the components of MI and to practice them through real-plays and other exercises.

This two-day workshop will present this efficient communication approach in the treatment of challenging clients, and provide participants with an opportunity to explore creative ways of integrating MI into an effective therapeutic intervention — when to use, when not to use Motivational Interviewing. During this two-day workshop, participants will learn the fundamentals of MI, explore ways of integrating MI theories into other treatment approaches, and get to practice the approach through real-play and discussion.


Participants will:

  1. Know and understand the spirit of MI that is fundamental to the practice;
  2. Be able to identify and will have practices the three phases of an MI intervention (engagement, heightening ambivalence and empowerment);
  3. Will be able to develop their skills in using the basic tools : open questions, empathic reflection (simple and complex), affirmations and summaries and will have had an opportunity to use other ways to address ambivalence; and
  4. Will be able to use effective strategies to reduce discord and move clients from sustain talk toward change talk

Prerequisite: none

13 hours of OPQ/OTS continuing education credits – in English

Limit: 16 participants
Date(s)/Times: May 1 and 2, 2019 – from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
Cost: $250 + taxes

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